Recycled Paper

the manifesto.

On college campuses over the nation, Jewish students are wrestling with a breed of prejudice we were brought up to believe could never thrive in America. Singled out for calumny in classes, harassed in dormitories, excluded from social organizations and gatherings, we find ourselves the targets of hatred. 


wrote Herzl. 

Although Herzl died before his dream would become a reality, his legacy lives on in the Jewish youth he cherished and trusted. “We shall see whether the youth whom we need are at our command,”  he wrote. “The youth, who irresistibly draw on the old, carry them forward on strong arms, and transform rational motives into enthusiasm.”


Welcome to the New Zionist Congress.


We hail from every corner of the globe. We are Mizrahim. We are Ashkenazim. We are Sephardim. Our grandparents fled pogroms, survived death marches, gas-chambers, second-class citizenship, and the Farhud. 


We are united in our love for the Jewish people, in our insistence that the Jewish people is one.


At times, our duties will lead us to speak up for ourselves, to counter lies with truth, to assert our full selves when others demand we shrink, and to summon a plethora of diverse voices where currently only one shrill dogma is permitted. Many have already joined us, and we have faith that many more yet will. 


But it is not just our campuses or the culture that we aim to transform. We aim to transform