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a new zionist aesthetic

Starting in 2021, under the leadership of Blake Flayton, (@blakeflayton) New Zionist Congress has begun creating and commissioning original media across platforms. This includes Jewish activist art, photography, film and podcasts.


After appointing Eitan Gutenmacher (@eitanofjerusalem) as the new Art Director of New Zionist Congress in early 2022, NZC has approached visuals with a new sense of importance in the role of Jewish Activism.  Contemporary Jewish activist spaces, more often than not, lack an  inherent understanding of visual identity and its importance in the fight for a better Jewish Future.  The pursuit of a better Jewish future requires an intellectual revolution, a spiritual revolution – and, what usually gets overlooked – an aesthetic revolution

Reminiscent of past Jewish aesthetic-intellectual movements, our original media is unlike any other zionist outlet. The art of NZC speaks to communities other zionist outlets simply can't reach, and we are, in practice, building a new zionist aesthetic.

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